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Volpak to showcase horizontal form-fill machines


In the last few years, Volpak has strongly invested in R&D activities, designing or re-designing its machines to make them faster, more versatile, with larger pouches capabilities and smart factory connectivity, boasting also high efficiency and incorporating recyclable materials features. The packaging industry push for the use of recyclable materials brings significant challenges for manufacturers at the equipment performance level and Volpak already has the technology to operate this kind of materials. Stability in the unwinding process, control of film stretching, precise settings and accurate control of sealing parameters are key elements for the manufacturing of good quality and leak-proof pouches, especially if made with down-gauged packaging films. In the fall, the company will take part in five of the main exhibitions worldwide, namely the Pack Expo in Las Vegas, the FachPack in Nuremberg, the PPMA in Birmingham, the Gulfood Manufacturing GFM in Dubai, and the Andina Pack in Bogotá, Volpak announced.

Photo: Volpak