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Symrise fulfills 2017 targets


Symrise fulfills 2017 targets and dynamically starts into current fiscal year

Symrise AG achieved profitable growth in the fiscal year 2017 and reached all of its targets. The Group increased sales by 3.2 % to € 2,996.3 million (2016: € 2,903.2 million). Excluding portfolio and currency effects, organic sales growth even amounted to 6.3 %. Symrise profited especially from the dynamic performance of the Flavor and Nutrition segments and strong demand in the EAME and Latin America regions. Despite currency effects and investments into the expansion of capacities, the Group raised its EBITDA by 1 % to € 630.3 million (2016 normalized: € 625.2 million). With an EBITDA margin of 21.0 %, Symrise exceeded its 20.0 % target and was once again one of the most profitable companies in the industry (2016 normalized: 21.5 %).