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GFM 2018 - Symrise naturally well positioned


Authentic foods, fresh ingredients, sustainable enjoyment – the trend of healthy and conscious nutrition is also sweeping through the Middle East. Symrise was well prepared for this: At the “Gulfood Manufacturing 2018” trade show in Dubai, the fragrance and flavoring manufacturer presented a variety of concepts for healthy and wholesome foods with outstanding taste.

"The Middle East is a dynamic region with enormous potential,” said Sofiane Berrahmoune, Sub Regional Director Flavor Africa Middle East at Symrise. “What happens here influences the entire Middle East, the Indian subcontinent, Asia, Africa and also Europe.” This is a strongly growing market for which the global fragrance and flavor specialist develops customized products of the highest quality.

“Our analyses clearly show that a crucial change has taken place in the Middle East: Here, consumers also increasingly want to eat healthier, which translates into an ever-increasing demand for natural foods,” elaborates Berrahmoune. “In addition to the desires of the customers for more authenticity, the individual countries are prescribing the regulations accompanying the increasing health awareness.” These regulations should encourage food and beverage manufacturers to offer more products with considerably less sugar, salt and fat.

Symrise uses the best that nature has to offer to create authentic tastes. Thanks to its experience extending over 100 years and its approximately 30,000 products, Symrise is optimally prepared. Therefore, the taste expert sees itself as a pioneer on the way toward enjoyable healthy nutrition. Accordingly, the company showed a variety of natural food and beverage concepts at Gulfood Manufacturing. This included, for example, a cucumber-lemon-mint flavored water with reduced-sugar and a non-dairy iced chocolate drink as well as a Greek yogurt with acerola and chia seeds and cupcakes with Symrise vanilla taste. All in all, Symrise presented approximately 70 cakes, snacks, dairy products, and drinks this year, the company said.