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On the occasion of Fi Food ingredients Europe in Paris, KREYENBORG will provide information about innovations in the fields of sterilization, pasteurization,
roasting, stock protection, drying, pre-heating and coating of pourable bulk food products.
Spices, herbs, tea, nuts, seeds, dried rootlets, and also dried mushrooms and dried vegetables are high-quality and sensitive food products, which are often
exposed to thermal processes. The resulting deterioration of the properties of these products can be substantial.
By using the new KREYENBORG FoodSafety-IRD (Food Safety Infrared Rotary Drum), the ingredients are treated gently, and the durability of the products
are extended, says the company. Owing to the mode of action of the infrared light, the product to be treated is heated from inside and subjected to heat as
an additional measure. The sterilization, pasteurization, roasting or drying processes is gentler. During the process, the FoodSafety-IRD regulates the intensity
of the infrared light and, thus, the process and product temperatures on a permanent basis depending on the material temperature.
In this way, a constant product temperature is guaranteed and the risk of overheating of the goods is avoided. Due to the permanent mixing process,
an absolutely uniform product quality is achieved. The material is mixed and conveyed in a gentle, continuous manner at low speed, preventing the
formation of agglomerates. Even very brittle products (such as cashews, peanuts, almond slivers etc.), products containing sugar (such as fruit tea) are treated
very gently in this way. The flavour can unfold gradually, variations in taste and colour can be realized easily by the adjustment of temperature and residence
time. Moreover, energy consumption is reduced substantially by the direct mode of action of the infrared light, the company explained.