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SMI compact rotary stretch-blow moulder in Amazonia


Amazonia is home to Gaseosas Leticia S.A, the smallest bottling plant in the world within the American company The Coca-Cola Company. It satisfies the requests of Amazonia and the confining areas of Brazil and Peru, for soft drinks. Gaseosas Leticia began its activity 50 years ago with just six employees and a small production of 25 cans of soft drinks per day (around 625 cans per month), while today they sell 2.000 per day (50.000 cans per month). Over the years, the company has evolved constantly, and over the last five years, the annual growth has fluctuated between 8% and 11%.

Being part of the Coca-Cola group has certainly given Gaseosas Leticia added value, but there are other factors which are just as important that have allowed this Colombian company to gain a leading position in the region; the latest generation technology within the production department and the talent of the employees and collaborators.

The Gaseosas Leticia S.A. plant is situated in a strategic point, from where it is possible to distribute the production of its soft drinks all over the Colombian Amazonia. Thanks to investments in new technology, like the new SMI compact rotary stretch-blow moulder from the EBS K ERGON range, the expansion of this company is destined to last for many years. Through this latest investment, Gaseosas Leticia aims to widen its production capacity by bottling soft drinks with the help of the SMI ROTARY STRETCH-BLOW MOULDER EBS 4 K ERGON. Its functions include stretch-blow moulding 0,5 L and 2 L bottles in PET, with a maximum speed of 8.800 bph (0,5 L containers).

The Gaseosas Leticia S.A. plant is situated in the centre of the town bearing the same name, within an industrial area of around 5.000 square metres, where the administration, sales and production teams work, not only in the production of the soft drinks for the Coca-Cola brand, but this Colombian company also produces beverages such as flavoured water, carbonated water, fruit juices with guarana, grapes, oranges, citrus, lemons, etc., says SMI.