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Trust in Sidel's EvoDECO labeller


Levissima, part of Sanpellegrino Group (Nestlé Waters), needed to address the growing demand for bottled water in Italy with a new complete line, producing its re-designed 1.5 litre bottle of pure, Alpine water. With the help of its long-standing partner, Sidel, Levissima was able to improve the quality of its label application while simultaneously increasing the output capacity. This is an achievement that took advantage of the new EvoDECO Roll-Fed, the latest addition to Sidel’s labelling portfolio.

Sidel could offer the Italian water bottler the ideal solution with its new EvoDECO Roll-Fed, equipped with two labelling stations, able to combine the output speed required with a precise label application on a squared 1.5L bottle. 
To tackle Levissima’s specific challenges connected to the new bottle and label, Sidel installed an EvoDECO Roll-Fed labeller with two stations, running on every other bottle, handling lightweight containers and ultra-thin labels. The ergonomics of the entire solution have been optimised for performance and efficiency, with all main components fully visible and accessible during production. With no need to disengage the station, this open design is particularly beneficial during changeover and maintenance. 
The new labeller is equipped with unique features leading to improved uptime: the cleaning of the EvoDECO Roll-Fed is performed automatically during production by a system installed on the vacuum drum, which is built in lightweight sectors for easy changeover and maintenance operations. This system removes any glue residuals for an overall higher performance. The labeller also comes with an automatic label extraction system, protected by a Sidel patent,
ensuring that no downtime occurs due to a missing bottle or labels not being properly applied on the bottles, thus supporting a smooth and consistent flow of production. With the new, patented vertical melter and the laser engraved glue roller, glue is melted on demand and circulated at a precise temperature. This reduces glue consumption for better overall quality and improved sustainability.
The Sidel Matrix Combi at Levissima’s site also features OptiFeed® – a cap feeder that is based on a patented waterfall technology, combining elevation, orientation and high-speed feeding with energy savings. The latter is achieved due to the individual cap-elevating system that eliminates the need for compressed air during cap extraction for better quality caps and reduced environmental footprint. With ease of operations and maintenance at its core – due to the reduced height, easier accessibility and durable materials – OptiFeed also features an integrated inspection system, ensuring 100% caps quality.
The highly flexible EIT® (Efficiency Improvement Tool) is also part of the solutions Sidel 
supplied to the leading Italian water brand. 
Automatically recording 24/7 raw production data, 
EIT calculates a wide array of KPIs to help measure performance, analyse production issues, 
detect efficiency loss sources, and perform root cause analyses. 
It is designed 
to ultimately 
decrease unplanned downtime, reduce waste and costs, and increase Levissima’s output. 
By giving employees at all levels of the organisation real-time access to relevant and actionable 
information on production-related issues, it makes sure that the quality of the water as well as 
the line capacity stays on the desired level, Sidel reported.