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Complete glass line from Sidel for Rayyan Water


To address the steadily growing demand for premium bottled water on the Arabian Peninsula, Rayyan Water, the biggest water producer in Qatar, opted for a new complete line from Sidel. From bottle qualification to line requirements onto delivery and performance of the solution, Sidel supported Rayyan with its decade-long experience as a full solution provider, lowering Total Costs of Ownership and overall energy consumption. The global bottled water market has witnessed a significant increase since 2011 with the demand for premium water growing each year. The lack of well-developed public water facilities in some parts of the world and the modern customer’s changing lifestyle, coupled with the search for functional bottled water, is also expected to fuel both volume and revenues of this industry. In the GCC[1] region, this market has been growing exponentially as many consumers are shifting towards bottled water, with Qatar having one of the highest consumptions of water per person.[2]
This positive trajectory is especially driven by an increasing disposable income with end users looking for products with added health benefits or flavours, as such resulting in burgeoning product differentiation: many new product launches offer consumers more convenience as well as better taste. 
[1] The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) includes The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen.
[2] Zenith Global Ltd 2017
Khalid Bin Mohammed Al Rabban launched Rayyan Pure Natural Mineral Water in 1984 with the goal of delivering quality products manufactured through state-of-the-art processes and technologies. Since then, the company has been priding itself on high standards and modern facilities, equipped with advanced laboratories and fully automated production lines, so that they are now an award-winning water brand. Rayyan sources and bottles its prized water in a stretch of desert 60 km north of Doha, where the water is drawn from a natural reservoir. It passes through a refined filtration process with zero chlorine to preserve its natural pure and light taste. Recently, Rayyan decided to leverage the partnership in place with Sidel, who supplied two PET lines years ago (still in operation in their Doha plant). This time, the leading Qatari water producer needed to face a completely different challenge – the first of this kind for them – bottling premium water in glass. Rayyan sought Sidel’s flexibility, support and capabilities as a full solution partner to help them throughout each stage from line requirement definition through packaging and line design until delivery and performance of the complete line. This choice allowed the bottler to kick off sales in December 2018, shortening the time-to-market by four months. 
Sidel’s globally renowned line engineering expertise proved key when designing the new complete glass line at the Doha plant, offering full protection for the product both in terms of hygienic and organoleptic aspects. This step was particularly challenging as Rayyan decided to install this line in an existing area of the plant, therefore facing considerable space constraints. With projected output at 8,000 bottles per hour (bph), this line has been designed to accommodate any potential upgrade.The Qatari water bottler wanted the new glass bottles to stand out on the shelves as sleek and elegant as possible without compromising the performance of the line. This is where Sidel’s long-standing packaging capabilities came into play. In less than 25 days, the company’s designers, engineers and material experts – in close collaboration with the customer – industrialised bottles with a chic, elegant and classically European look, proposing the most aesthetically pleasing dimensions and types of plastic labels to be applied on the neck and the body of the bottle, Sidel says.
Photo: Sidel