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SEALPAC case study


How can meat products be packaged in a resource-saving way, without having to compromise on product protection, hygiene and convenience? This is where the packaging industry, food manufacturers and retailers are searching for new solutions, for example for self-service meat products. Until today, it is impossible to do without plastic, but with FlatSkin® there now is an innovative packaging method available that proves to be more sustainable. OSI Europe, subsidiary of the globally active OSI Group that supplies meat products to leading brands in food service and retail, has opted for this novel packaging system for its high-quality steaks. With more than 65 production sites and 20,000 employees in 17 countries, the company has become a pioneer in the
introduction of FlatSkin® packaging, says SEALPAC.
A major trigger for OSI to switch to this new packaging system have been the changing market conditions. As Erik Schöttl, Managing Director Foodworks Europe at OSI, explains: “We recently see a trend towards high-quality products, such as our dry-aged steaks. These products need to be packaged accordingly. At the same time, sustainability has become a key factor in the decision process of the consumer.
Therefore, we started looking for a high-end packaging solution for our premium beef steaks from around the world, which would not only combine maximum product safety and high-class optics, but also convenient handling , cost-efficiency and conservation of resources.” The answer was FlatSkin®, a joint development of SEALPAC, supplier of high-tech tray-sealing technology, VG Nicolaus GmbH, specialist in cardboard packaging and folding cartons, and Wentus Kunststoff GmbH, professional in the field of barrier films and laminates. By joining hands, these three companies were able to develop a skin pack that fulfils the demands expressed by OSI, SEALPAC reported. The case study is available upon demand.