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SanLucar presents corporate responsibility report


d.r e.a.m.s. For a sunnier world. Join us!" is the title of SanLucar´s current Corporate Responsibility Report, which provides information on its commitment and achievements in the area of corporate responsibility. The international premium brand for fruits and vegetables will present its CR Report at the Fruit Logistica (February 7 - February 9 in Berlin), the world's most important and largest fair for the sector.

 In the years 2015 - 2017, SanLucar has invested more than two and a half million euros in social and environmental projects. They are implemented in the countries where the international enterprise has subsidiaries: Spain, Germany, Austria, Tunisia, South Africa and Ecuador.

Stephan Rötzer, owner and founder of the SanLucar Group, explains, “Our corporate philosophy of taste in harmony with man and nature guides all our actions. Two years ago, we integrated all our corporate responsibility actions in a unique program: d.r.e.a.m.s. With it, we help people to realize their dreams through personal and professional development and foster actions that contribute to preserve the environment".

SanLucar´s Commitment

The social component of the program is made up of three areas: Education, Nutrition and Sports. In its environmental approach, the program focuses on the protection of the Air, Water and Soil.

For example, SanLucar has founded the School of Sports d.r.e.a.m.s. in the Ecuadorian municipality of Puebloviejo, not far from one of the company´s farms, where a wide range of sports activities are offered for free to the children of the region.

In Valencia (Spain), the enterprise has set up the soup kitchen El Puchero. Since 2013 until last summer, 160,000 free meals have been served to help families at risk of social exclusion. SanLucar promotes healthy nutrition in the regions of its subsidiaries. For instance in Ettlingen (Germany), 1,100 pupils received fruit free of charge throughout the entire school year.

What concerns education, 2,389 employees worldwide have benefited from wide-ranging training and educational opportunities at the SanLucar Academy in the past two years.

As one of the company's own environmental projects, the establishment of a new irrigation system with probes in South Africa optimized the water consumption in cultivation. In recent years, criteria for sustainable architecture have influenced the design of the firm's offices in Austria and the new building for the company's headquarters in Puzol (Valencia), which was built in 2017. In Ecuador, SanLucar launched a reforestation program last year on the Puebloviejo river banks, which will prevent erosion and create a natural ecosystem.

SanLucar has been a member of the United Nations Global Compact since 2011.  From then on, the company has received certifications such as SA8000 in Spain, testifying the commitment of the business group. And in countries like Tunisia, it has been the first to comply with the requirements of the GRASP evaluation certificate that recognizes good social practices within the agricultural sector.

“We always try to provide concrete and individual help," says SanLucar owner Stephan Rötzer, “usually it is the small things that help people to improve their situation in the long term and sustainably. The key to success is the great voluntary commitment of our employees and the collaboration of our partners, who are increasingly involved in the projects", said the company.