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SanLucar, the leading European supplier of premium fruit and vegetables, is redefining the management team, optimising the conditions for continued global growth:

Michael Brinkmann, who has until now been CEO of SanLucar International, will be the sole CEO of the entire SanLucar group from January 2018 and will lead all operations worldwide.

Stephan Rötzer, founder and owner of SanLucar, in future will be looking especially after the SanLucar brand, the constant improvement of products and relationships with long-term growing partners as well as on the customer side.

“Michael Brinkmann and I have been working closely together with a trusting relationship for five years now,” says Stephan Rötzer. “The new division of duties will enable each of us to contribute his particular strengths even more effectively for the good of the company and the employees. Fruit and vegetables are natural products - to produce them all year round in highest quality is a very challenging task. I am looking forward to share my knowledge and my ideas about the best fruit and vegetables even more intensively with staff and business partners.”

“Our company has grown strongly over the past few years,” says Michael Brinkmann. “We are expanding our business in the core regions of Germany and Austria as well as in the rest of Europe and are opening up new markets for example in China, Russia, Canada and the Arab Gulf States. As CEO of SanLucar, I will take particular care of maintaining what has made us successful while adapting our operational structures and processes to our objectives of future growth. It motivates me a lot to present the outstanding quality of our products to customers around the world as good as possible.”