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Joachim Dittrich appointed new Chief Representative at Optima


Joachim Dittrich will be the Chief Representative of Optima, as of February 2018. The 53-year old machine engineer will be responsible for the development and internationalization, particularly for Optima Consumer, as well as for additional subsidiaries and holdings nationwide and internationally. The area of responsibility includes the strategic orientation and development of these business sections, and the development of prospects and synergies. Mr. Dittrich will assume a large part of Hans Bühler’s (CEO) tasks for the Optima Consumer division. Hans Bühler will dedicate more of his time to overall tasks and topics regarding the consortium.

Joachim Dittrich returns to his former domain: he worked for Optima Consumer from 2010 to 2011 as Commercial Director. Due to family matters, he switched to a well-known packaging machine manufacturer to take on the responsibilities of General Manager.

“Team orientation, highest motivation and commitment” are his top priorities for a corporation, says Joachim Dittrich. “Agility, enjoyment of work and the common success are also of fundamental importance to me.”