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Olam announces acquisition of BT Cocoa


The acquisition satisfies increasing customer demand for full integration within the cocoa supply chain by bringing together Olam Cocoa, a world leader in traceable cocoa bean sourcing and a leading processor of cocoa ingredients, and BT Cocoa, the largest cocoa processor in Indonesia. Olam Cocoa offers breadth, depth and scalability from origin sourcing, trading, risk management, value chain processing and supply chain solutions, to sustainability, research and development, and cocoa ingredient innovation. BT Cocoa supplies size and scale in Indonesian cocoa processing with a total installed cocoa bean grind and cocoa mass capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes and a facility equipped with the latest processing technology.

Olam Cocoa has been working closely with BT Cocoa for nearly 3 years through a Business Collaborative Agreement and has already made considerable financial and operational improvements, including helping BT Cocoa achieve a 30% reduction in energy consumption.

This acquisition supports the worldwide positive growth trend of chocolate and cocoa ingredient consumption and the expectation that the need for cocoa processing will continue to grow, supported by additional investment in cocoa producing and consuming countries, said the company.