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NIZO presents results on 4 studies


Between July 28th and August 1, NIZO’s Dr. Ir. Rianne Ruijschop and Ing. Margreet Rippen of NIZO’s Food group will share the outcome of several studies during the 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium in Edinburgh, Scotland. NIZO has a professional sensory team with which many sensory trials have been executed over the past decades for our customers across the globe or in fundamental research. Some of the outcomes of several of these trials will be shared in Edingburgh during Pangborn.

The first presentation will be on “Facial Expressions and food preference” presented by Dr Harold Bult PhD of Applegg. Using an automated facial expression analysis called the Facereader, 54 consumers were observed while chewing, and talking about 6 different cookies. Results, collected in cooperation with NIZO, showed that product liking scores correlated poorly with counter-intuitive basic emotion scores. However, combinations of actions unrelated to basic emotion expressions were predictive of product preferences.

Elina Kytö of Valio will share the outcome of a study on the comparison of explicit vs. implicit measurements in predicting food purchases” performed in cooperation with NIZO. Here the relationship between consumer purchases of three branded blueberry flavoured quarks and the respective responses to these products where studied comparing verbalized impressions against explicit pictorial emoji scores and implicit behavioural responses. This study is recently released in Elseviers Food Quality & Preference.

Furthermore Margreet Rippen of NIZO will present on the topic “Instrumental analysis to understand underlying mechanisms of perception” and “Combining consumer and expert sensory research making a comparison between the sensory results of expert versus consumer panels in flavour and texture profiling”. The food industry requires better insight on how to steer product development to the most preferred product. Six different products were analysed by both a consumer as an expert sensory panel. The obtained results differed profoundly. The results of the expert panel -plotted with the consumer liking- provided industry with the required knowledge.

The Sensory & Consumer Science Symposium is themed ‘Engage with the Future’ and is an opportunity for you to share, learn, be inspired, connect and participate in how our science will evolve in the future. Our society as a whole, faces increasingly rapid change and is met with growing global challenges. So this Symposium looks to explore how sensory and consumer science can adapt and contribute to our fast evolving world.

The 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium will bring together leading pioneers and emerging experts in sensory and consumer science, from industry and academia, to give their views and perspectives on how our science will evolve, and how ground-breaking ongoing research and scientific learnings will impact on this journey.

This and other techniques are available for contract research customers, NIZO said.