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New website goes live


Featuring innovative graphics and a layout that responds to users' real needs, the new SACMI site has been built according to cutting-edge web 4.0 standards and language. Available in 4 languages (Italian, English, Spanish, French), the website introduces visitors to the vast SACMI world. A user-friendly architecture
will provide a clear idea of the distinctive character of this centenary company, which sees partnerships and customer satisfaction as the cornerstones of its mission.
The layout of the extensive new website is designed to showcase everything the SACMI Group has to offer Ceramics, Plastics, Food&Beverage, Metals, Packaging and Advanced Materials: industries in which SACMI plays a pivotal market role thanks to its capacity to supply comprehensive solutions
that range from raw materials to finished products, from design consultancy to after-sales assistance.
The more general areas of the website have been redesigned to give concise information on its history, social and financial performance and corporate development goals; it also looks at topics of keen interest to customers such as research into new technologies, processes and innovative materials that focus on the development and implementation of new business models.
More specifically, the website takes a close look at SACMI's sustainability, circular economy and Industry 4.0-focused research programme, carried out in close collaboration with major universities and applied research facilities in Italy and worldwide.
In parallel with the launch of the new portal, the individual Group company websites will also be revamped and adapted to the new SACMI corporate
identity using the same criteria of user-friendliness, smart-looking graphics and attention to real customer needs.