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MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP creates an appetite for meat free dishes


Vegetarian and vegan products are not a temporary fad anymore, but have become socially acceptable. Not only German consumers are increasingly looking for plant based meat substitute products – whether for ethical-moral, religious or health reasons. Not only "real" vegetarians and vegans are among the main buyers of meat substitutes, but so-called flexitarians, i.e. people who have a partially meatless diet. The increasing environmental awareness, especially of young consumers, favours a temporary or complete renunciation of meat. Customers who want to restrict their meat consumption, but nevertheless do not want to miss out on the pleasure of eating meat, will find a variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives in the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP program.Veggie-Burger – meat free pleasure without compromiseIt’s not as easy as one would think to produce a meat free burger, especially if the target group are so-called flexitarians. The expectations for a particular feeling in the mouth and a taste that is similar to that of a minced meat product are high.The biggest challenge is the necessary protein content that manifests itself in the roasting aromas when frying but also in the protein coagulation during the bite as well as in the protein decomposition substance glutamic acid (the umami). Protein rich pulses such as soy or the wheat protein that is known as saitan are best suited for the production of burger patties.The MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP offers special mixtures for the manufacture of both of these patties, for example FITESSA® Wheat-Mix and FITESSA® Vital-Mix. Depending on customers’ wishes, additional vegetable components can be incorporated. „Take fresh mushrooms as the vegetable component. They have a high protein content, strengthen the meat-like umami and give the burger a special character“, recommends Jens Trautmann, consultant and product manager at the MOGUNTIA FOOD GROUP.„The only thing that counts is taste“, says Jens Trautmann and adds „because if you want to do without meat, our range of meat alternatives means that you don’t need to give up the taste you are used to and corresponding texture“.