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Mecatherm: new visual identity and 2018 perspectives


MECATHERM, the specialist in industrial bakery products, is now fully focused on innovation. Its vision: to be the reference supplier of solutions for the global industrial bakery sector. Its mission: make its customer life simpler, the company said.

2018 will be all about innovation, with new products scheduled for launch throughout the year to add value for both MECATHERM's longstanding and future customers. These major developments will enable the company to continue strengthening its share of mature markets, both in the west and in emerging countries. To underpin this strategy, MECATHERM will launch a new visual identity at the Europain 2018 trade fair, to be held from 3 to 6 February in Villepinte (France).

As a French company built on nationwide expertise, MECATHERM wanted to anchor its roots in its logo, which now bears the colours of the French flag. Red and blue represent its unique capability in designing baking, cooling and freezing equipment. The M of MECATHERM, highlighted in a freer, more impactful manner above the logo, is a strong symbol that conveys the company's positioning in the industrial bakery sector.

The new visual identity comes as the company embarks on a new phase of innovation, and it adds a contemporary touch to MECATHERM's image while preserving the fundamentals that have shaped its history. It reflects the company's ability to reconcile heritage and innovation. Due for initial deployment in digital format (website and social media), the new visual identity will be gradually rolled out across all of the company's communications and equipment.

"This new visual identity is the result of three years' work to transform our customer offering and profoundly develop the business. Thanks to our passionate and committed teams, the trust placed  in us by our customers and the loyalty of our shareholders, we are confident in the company's ability to pursue its development and create value over the long term for all concerned," explained Olivier Sergent, CEO of MECATHERM.

2018: the year of innovation

A number of new products will be launched in 2018 and exhibited at the IBA fair in Munich, Germany, next September. These products will be based partly on MECATHERM's historic market - crusty bread - with the introduction of new solutions for companies in western countries. The aim: to increase competitiveness while raising product quality. Alongside this, MECATHERM will expand its range of baking systems to offer a wide variety of products in addition to standard bread, for example sandwich bread, pastries, cakes and soft products.

MECATHERM will also focus on deploying its expertise for new customers in emerging countries where bread consumption is rising fast, thanks to the advent of a middle class adopting new modes of consumption. For specific customers, the company is developing THE BAGUETTE FACTORY, a turnkey solution featuring a fully automated production line, complete with accessories and a range of services, including seeking solutions for funding in partnership with BPI France, and consultancy for the building design in partnership with BERTHAULT.

In this way, MECATHERM is continuing to innovate in its fields, in dough working, baking, handling system and the proposal of complete projects.

In 2017, MECATHERM opened offices in Mexico and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and installed 24 new production lines around the world - a sign of the company's burgeoning profile on the international stage. For instance, MECATHERM equipped a brand new factory in Mozambique with four production lines, and installed a toast bread line in Surinam, South America.

Crowned with success, 2017 represented the culmination of projects and strategic decisions dating back several years. For two years, MECATHERM's focus was on increasing staff loyalty and attracting new talent. The team spirit fostered by MECATHERM undoubtedly contributed in no small part to the company's dynamism and the success of many projects. The fruit of this work and the expertise of the teams were also recognised with several awards in 2017. MECATHERM, over 90% of whose turnover comes from exports, received the MOCI award for "World Region" business. The French company also received the Innovation award at Gulfood, in the Innovative equipment category, for its new FTA oven. Finally, MECATHERM was awarded a prize by INPI (French National Industrial Property Institute) for its innovation and patent filing capacity.

"While 2017 was the year of proven success, 2018 looks set to become a historically important year for MECATHERM. This year, we are poised to reach a new milestone and shift up a gear. We will achieve this by strengthening the teams to increase our selling power, launching new products and unveiling a new image that reflects the dynamism and expanding reach of our company", concluded Olivier Sergent.