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Originating from the E.U. regulatory position regarding smoke extracts, MANE took the opportunity to reinforce its smoky portfolio in meat products.
Gradually, the French flavour house is clearly establishing itself as a leader in flavour technologies for meat applications. 
According to the Innova database [1], meat products is the first category to use smoky” tastes within the savoury categoryIndeed, a high number of sausages, bacon and BBQ-style marinated meats have a smoky profile. 
With its Meat Centres of Excellence and its flavour expertise, the creation of a specific smoky range was inevitable for MANE, says the company. After an evaluation of the different smoky profiles available in the market, MANE's Sensory Analysis department developed profiles such as phenolic, woody” or acetic.
Going forward, all the information was used by a dedicated flavourist to design a range of smoky tastes based on the EU positive list of purified primary smoke condensates [2] that were accurately tested and validated through mastered meat application techniquesThe range is made of seven references; each of them giving a specific smoky taste profile to meat product. Five references are based on smoke flavouring primary products and the two remaining ones can be declareas natural flavouring
Though primarily developed for meat applications, those flavours are also suitable for a large range of savoury products including snacks, soups or sauces.
By proposing it as an alternative to traditional smoking, Mane reinforces the company’s ideology of bespoke flavour development for meat application using a flavourist who is also well versed with meat applications, said MANE.
[1] SourceInnovadatabase «smoke» in Ingredients Categories Meat, Fish & Eggs, Ready meals & Side Dishes, Sauces & Seasonings, Snacks, Soup, Spreads – July 2018 to July 2019 Worldwide
[2] The primary smoke condensates are the purified water-based part of condensed smoke that have undergone an assessment by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)