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Kronen: User report Bortar Group


At the “Bortar Collective Cooking Factory” of the Bortar Group located in Izmir, Turkey, every day 70.000 meals are prepared and delivered by the company ́s
own vehicle fleet to business centers, factories, schools or hospitals in the region of Izmir. With a capacity to serve up to 100.000 meals per day, Bortar Group has grown to be Turkey ́s leading brand in catering.
In 1993 the company started its operation in the food sector and today offers mass catering, convenience food, restaurant services and event organization
as well as tourism services and safety equipment.
The company ́s aim is to reliably supply their customers with freshly cooked high quality meals on a daily basis. As quality of the prepared meals plays the most important role, the company established their own cattle farm for the production of meat and dairy products as well as their own olive grove to ensure the availability of high quality ingredients.
The crucial role of quality is also reflected in the company ́s values and mission, emphasizing in particular customer satisfaction, reliability, hygiene standards and tradition in combination with the use of modern technologies.
For the preparation of food in the “Bortar Collective Cooking Factory” , high quality and hygiene standards apply, which is why also the machines used to process the food need to comply with these requirements.
KRONEN machines have been part of Bortar ́s equipment already since 2005. With KRONEN, the company has found a partner that emphasizes quality just as
much as they do. The machines have been operating at the Bortar Group factory for several years now and the company is satisfied with their performance and the support by the official KRONEN representation in Turkey, SEKOM Gida Makineleri, as well as the KRONEN sales and service team. “Since 2005, we have
achieved excellent results due to our business partnership with KRONEN regarding food processing technologies. We successfully transferred technological
developments to our growing scale of business.” summarizes Hasan Küçükkurt, chairman at Bortar Group, the long-term cooperation of the companies.
At the 5600 m2 production facility, up to 100.000 meals per day are prepared by 1.400 employees. The meals are then delivered to 350 different locations including factories, businesses and event locations in the region of Izmir. To be able to prepare such large quantities of food every day, the machines need to work reliably in continuous operation – otherwise, the delivery of the meals would be delayed and customers would be waiting for their lunch or dinner.
Currently, the KRONEN equipment at Bortar Group consists of two washing machines GEWA 3800V ECO, two belt cutters GS10 and a spin - dryer K50 - 7 ECO
as well as a peeling machine PL 40K. The washing machines GEWA 3800V ECO are used to wash various kinds of products as e.g. salad or peppers, which are 
then dewatered using the spin - dryer K50 - 7 ECO.
Before or after being washed, depending on the product, many products are processed using the belt cutters GS 10, for example to cut slices of cucumbers, eggplant or onion as well as cutting lettuce or herbs.
Thanks to the use of high quality ingredients and the constant processing quality of the KRONEN machines, Bortar Group can ensure a consistently high quality standard for the prepared meals. Using their own vehicle fleet for efficient distribution, the customers of Bortar Group can rely on the daily supply of freshly prepared meals, KRONEN reported.