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This year, KRONEN GmbH Nahrungsmitteltechnik presented the belt cutting machine GS 10 - 2 with the tearing blade for production of the popular
convenience food „pulled meat“ and a UVC - based solution for disinfection at the international leading trade fair for the meat industry IFFA. Focus was
on the various applications of the GS 10 - 2 for meat processing and the UVC - lock developed jointly with sterilAir® for treatment of transport containers and packaging material.
Besides, the KRONEN team also informed visitors about solutions for different processing steps of vegetables or herbs as additional ingredients of meat
products. At the 70th edition of IFFA, the key topics of KRONEN at the booth of its partner sterilAir® were solutions for the continuing food trend of pulling meat and the hygiene trend . The production of “pulled meat”, used e.g. for burgers sold in street food trucks, with the GS 10 - 2 and the many other
applicabilities for cutting meat products have proven successful, says the company. The great interest in the tearing blade shows that there is a demand at meat processors, slaughterhouses, large butcheries and convenience food producers which can be covered with KRONEN solutions.