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Gzella becomes a part of Sokolow


The Sokolow Group - one of the leading companies in the Polish meat market - has announced its intention to buy the companies belonging to the Gzella Meat Group, a well-known meat producer in the northern part of Poland.

The deal will be executed based on a conditional investment agreement with the intention to strengthen the market position of the merged company and their brands on the Polish as well as the international markets.

"Our mission is to be a valuable partner for our customers and the consumers. We do that by providing them with products in premium quality, that meet their expectations and needs and comply with the ongoing changes in dietary trends. The acquisition of Gzella Meat Group is another step to meet these objectives and it will enlarge the potential growth of the Sokolow Group remarkably", says Boguslaw Miszczuk, the President of the Management Board of Sokolow S.A.

The Gzella Meat Group was founded more than 33 years ago in Osie, where the main plant of the group is still situated. Due to its innovative production technologies Gzella is considered as one of the most modern meat processing factories in Europe with a capacity of more than 6,000 tons a month.

The group employs around 1,000 people and runs its own logistics facilities and a network of nearly 250 stores operating under the ‘Delikatesy MiÄ™sne Gzella’ brand. They are mainly located in northern and central Poland.

"When we decided to sell the Gzella Meat Group, we started looking for an investor with an established market position and a good reputation, which could bring Gzella the best possibilities to maintain and develop the current activities. Being a part of Sokolow means we will have the best possibilities to strengthen our market position, through continuously improvements of the Gzella profile and an even wider range of premium products", says Miroslaw Gzella, founder and main shareholder of the Gzella Meat Group.

Sokolow - a part of the Danish Crown Group - has been the pioneer of bold changes and raising standards, which has been appreciated through awards like, ‘Favorite Polish Brand 2017’, numerous medals for its products, and prestigious title as ‘Solid Employer of the Year 2017’, claims the company.

Going forward the Sokolow products will be offered to costumers and consumers through the distribution channels of the Gzella Meat Group. At the same time the range of Gzella products will gain access to the wide distribution network of Sokolow S.A., which consists of 39 distribution centers and 51 Sokolow stores, said the company.