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GNT showcases Coloring Foods


Natural coloring ingredients that meet China’s Group Standards for Coloring Foods were the focus for GNT at Food Ingredients Asia-China.

GNT highlighted how it can help manufacturers replace artificial colors and animal-based colors such as carmine with EXBERRY® Coloring Foods that fully comply with the standards, which were drawn up by the China National Food Industry Association. These stipulate that Coloring Foods must be produced from natural raw food materials, such as fruits, vegetables, plants and algae, using physical processes only. Additionally, the characteristic properties of the raw materials such as flavor, nutrition and coloring constituents must be retained. EXBERRY® colors meet these criteria and can be declared on labels simply as, for example, ‘Coloring Food (Concentrate of Carrot)’.

GNT’s Coloring Foods are also the ideal solution for manufacturers who want to address health concerns by eliminating grapeskin extract from their formulations. The company offers a full package of technical support to help to overcome any production challenges associated with switching away from grapeskin extract.

Maartje Hendrickx, Market Development Manager at GNT, said: “The new Group Standards in China provide clear rules for Coloring Foods. They also align with what consumers prefer to see in ingredients lists. GNT’s Coloring Foods are available in more than 400 shades that meet the latest market trends. Choosing GNT Coloring Foods ensures that consumer and regulatory demands for the very best natural, safe ingredients are comfortably met.”