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GBT presents success trio


GBT is to present its "success trio" in hygiene design at the Südback. To further improve what's already good, that is the aspiration from GBT. After all, the Dream Team Olympia 3000, Bola 300 and LR6DW2B1 from GBT is always the first choice when it comes to smooth handling of wheat mix, rye and gluten-free
doughs. Because dough needs to be treated delicately, but with efficient machines, according to the manufacturer.
GBT is following the industry's call for easier-to-clean machinery and presents the “three GBT flagships” with modified hygienic design technology at the Südback.
Olympia 3000. The dough divider.
The bread dough dividing machine Olympia 3000 in hygienic design has been technically optimized even further. It processes all types of dough, the most accurate weights with optimum protection of the dough are also achievable with long dough rest. Optimum processes ensure that the dough structure is intact and precisely accurate portioning of the weight of 150g to 3000g. Operation is easy and intuitive via touch screen. An integrated recipe management allows the
storage of 99 different recipes.
Bola 3000 H. The belt rounder.
The option for rounding wheat mix to rye dough in the weight range from 300g to 2000g. Two separate gear motors allow the speed of the independent belts to be controlled separately. This ensures excellent rounding results. The height and angle of the rounding channels can be individually adjusted to the client’s wishes and needs. GBT’s belt rounder Bola 3000 H is designed for high performance, depending on weight, with a moulding range of 3000 mm.
LR6 DW2 B1. The long moulder.
for moulding of wheat mix and rye dough with a dough weight range of 200g to 3000g. Its integrated pair of flattening rolls can be adjusted independently. This guarantees the best results, which exactly meet the requirements and wishes.
Applies to all three:
During the further development, the GBT designers placed special emphasis on hygiene and optimum cleanability as well as easy operation and low energy consumption.
The success trio from GBT will be presented at the Südback, Hall 5, booth 5C60, said the company.