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First new entrant in the collagen peptides market in nearly 20 years


PepTech™ Collagen, Inc., the first new producer to enter the bovine collagen peptides market in nearly 20 years, announces that it has created a new model for the collagen production process end-to-end, from raw material acquisition, through processing and packaging. “The result,” says company President Felipe Chaluppe, “is a new high-purity product, PeptPure ® Collagen Peptides (, and a re-engineered process that achieves unprecedented levels of purity, traceability, sustainability, and transparency.”
The company is based in Brazil, and is headed by Felipe Chaluppe, and Co-Founder Rudye Santos, whose combined experience in the gelatin and collagen industry totals more than 40 years. Production has begun in its plant, strategically located in Brazil near to its raw material supply partners. Sister company InterGanics®, which conducts the global sales and marketing activities, is based in Chicago.
“Because we were starting fresh and focused 100% on collagen peptides,” Chaluppe says, “we decided to go clean-slate and re-imagine the entire process, from grass-fed hide acquisition to processing to packaging. The biggest challenge was when we realized it would be crucial to eliminate the intermediate gelatin-making production step. This step consumes a lot of time, energy, water and chemicals in conventional processes. But it has always been used to remove contaminants that occur naturally in animal hides, like salts, fats and fiber. So we needed to get the same result by other means, and to do it as naturally as possible. After a lot of work and experimentation, we were able to get there through a completely new process that is all-mechanical, without
harsh chemicals. Another remarkable result we have accomplished with the new process is a significant water and energy reduction. Because we cut the total production time by 50%, our process uses only 50% of water used in conventional processing.”
Other unique new steps in the process also minimize molecular distribution variation, while achieving optimal purification, natural collagen color, neutral taste and uniform particle distribution for optimal solubility, the company stated.
To further protect the purity of the collagen peptides, PepTech™ has adopted LDPE bags which are impact resistant, provide an excellent moisture barrier, and are more easily recycled than kraft paper bags.
InterGanics® has begun marketing PeptPure® Collagen Peptides in the U.S. with plans to expand distribution worldwide in the near future.
Kosher and Halal products are also available.
Collagen is the predominant protein in the human body and is essential to healthy skin, connective tissue and bones. Collagen peptides are used as ingredients in the Sports Nutrition, Nutraceutical, Beverage, Cosmetic, Pet Food and other industries, said the company.
Photo: InterGanics, Inc.