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WACKER presents solutions for vegan food


At Food Ingredients Europe 2019, WACKER presented innovative solutions for vegan food. WACKER’s alpha-dextrin, marketed under the brand CAVAMAX®W6, is used as a substitute for eggs in fine baked goods, thereby enabling vegan recipes. And its FERMOPURE® vegan cysteine is an ideal raw material for flavors, particularly savory flavors, as well as for use in bakery applications.
No eggs, no milk, no meat – more and more people are forgoing animal ingredients. Current market studies confirm that the number of people adhering to a vegan diet is continuously rising worldwide. This trend is particularly pronounced among young people. Today, some 1.3 million people are estimated to follow a vegan diet in Germany alone. This figure has recently been rising by an annual average of 15 percent. Growing affluence, changing ethical awareness of animals and increasing health awareness are three key reasons underlying fundamental changes in eating habits in recent years. Consumers want healthy, sustainably manufactured products with no ethical concerns that are completely tailored to their needs and they want all that without compromising quality or taste, WACKER pointed out.