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Dr Hermann Buehlbecker receives ISM Award


Hermann Buehlbecker, the familiar face of the Lambertz company and brand, is the first German confectioner to receive the ISM Award this year. Since 2014, the award has been presented by ISM, the world’s largest and most important trade fair for sweets and snacks, for exceptional services to the sweets and snacks industry.
Buehlbecker represents the company personally at ISM every year and hosts the legendary “Lambertz Monday Night” with its chocolate & fashion show. The takeover by Buehlbecker marked the beginning of a new era for Lambertz: The group’s sales have increased since 1978 from the equivalent of EUR 8 million at the time to EUR 666 million today, making Lambertz a global market leader (in fall and holiday cookies).
Lambertz is a company with a long tradition: Altogether, the brands have a history going back 1,000 years. No other German company has as many protected
designations of origin (Nuremberg gingerbread, Aachener Printen and Dresdner Stollen) as Lambertz. Much of this success can be attributed to Dr. Hermann
Bühlbecker. Furthermore, the international orientation of the company could be expanded through regular participation at ISM, where Lambertz has been
represented since the trade fair was established and has one of the largest stands.