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DoFreeze announces successful launch


According to, Dofreeze LLC, a diversified, forward-thinking and trend-setting bakery snacking business that manufactures market-leading products across four continents to over 50 countries, has announced the successful launch of its best-selling Eurocake Chocolate Chip Brownie in over 400 Wal-Mart China locations in March 2019. This is a strategic corporate move that reflects the company’s recent passing of several security audits. 

Soft. Scrumptious. Rich. Decadent. These are all words that can describe the deliciously moist yet unmistakably authentic Eurocake Chocolate Chip Brownies from Dofreeze, says the company. The Chocolate Chip Brownies are now available on a worldwide basis, following a successful and well-received launch via Walmart China.

Dofreeze says it is the first-ever food manufacturing company in the world to produce a long shelf life (nine months to one year) brownie snack that also boasts impeccable quality while maintaining its rich, chocolatey, fudgy, soft, chewy and delicious taste.