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Discover Uelzena’s milk based ingredients


Finding the perfect ingredients is key to create products that customers love, whether its confectionery, bakery products, ice cream or fine food specialities. The major brand manufacturers of the food industry have been relying on milk-based ingredients and contract processing services from Uelzena for decades, says the manufacturer.

Uelzena has been producing milk powders for more than 50 years and provides low heat and medium heat skimmed milk powders with finely tuned properties including the degree of denaturation, solubility parameters, low dusting properties, particle sizes and mixing behavior. The product range is completed by buttermilk powder.

Uelzena not only delivers standard butter and anhydrous milkfat: Using unique technology, milk fat can be fractioned physically, as hard stearins are separated from soft/liquid oleins, and after that recombined into new customised products with defined melting points, defined degrees of hardness or a specific melting behaviour. With a second very special process (deodoration) cholesterol and/or the colour and typical butter flavor can be removed from the milkfat, which is ideal for the production of light crèmes, candies or filled chocolates.

Uelzena’s subsidiary, a company called Warmsener Spezialitäten, is specialized in producing sweetened condensed milk. These products are available with various fat levels and can be optimized according to the customer’s needs. The product range for the food processing industry also includes versatile cream products and yoghurt (also lactose free) as well as tailor made fat compounds for the bakery and delicatessen industry.

The company is a premium supplier to the food industry and its top priorities are the quality and safety of the products. Strict monitoring and control of production processes by a certified quality management system are obvious as are regular audits and certifications based on the most important standards including. The implementation of comprehensive HACCP and zoning concepts and allergen management as well as continuous quality inspections of all products and raw materials in our specialized in-house laboratories are other important elements of the company's quality concept, Uelzena reported.