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Dinnissen expands


Dinnissen Process Technology continues to grow. The company’s reputation is growing throughout the world due to its solid, sustainable and, in particular, innovative solutions which repeatedly surprise the market, the company claims.
Currently Dinnissen employs approximately 200 specialists.
In view of the positive developments, Dinnissen is looking forward to further growth. The next step in this process is the realisation of an additional, new
60 x 70 metre production complex.
Major investments have been made within this new complex, which will be adjacent to the existing Dinnissen factory. These include 10-tonne overhead cranes, wall console cranes, state-of-the-art laser cutting installations, highly accurate lathes, milling machines and press brakes, a separate stainless steel welding hall and a lot more specialist equipment to meet the future customer requirements. In addition, Dinnissen supplies increasingly complete prefab skids for
many international customers. The expansion offers more possibilities in this area, says Dinnissen.