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Conversion instead of new investment: KHS


Thanks to their great reliability KHS machines are often in use for many decades. Even after a very long period of operation it is not always necessary to reinvest. In essence the technology on bottle washing machines, for instance, has not changed. For years now the systems supplier has thus provided a variety of conversion packages which bring older machines up to date. This not only gives bottlers benefits in economy and efficiency but also cuts down on the use of resources and therefore helps to protect the environment.

For several years now KHS has offered a range of conversion packages which provide an alternative to procuring a new machine. With these the systems supplier brings old bottle washing machines for glass and PET bottles into line with the technical and ecological state of the art – with comparably little effort. As opposed to the actual technology, what has changed over the years is the amount of water and energy a machine like this consumes – namely much less. Practically every old machine can be upgraded and modernized within the space of just a few days.

With its capacity-dependent fresh water control option KHS installs a control valve to adjust the water supply, considerably reducing consumption at a lower machine capacity. Older equipment can also be fitted with KHS’ Liquid Efficiency Spraying System (LESS). This is an electricity-saving function for spray pumps which minimizes the spray pressure during downtimes. As a result the machine uses 80% less energy in standby mode. Optionally, a flexible spray pressure also enableslight glass or PET bottles to be processed. Converting the bottle washer to ECO carriers lowers the weight of the bottle pockets by 25%. This puts less mechanical load on the drive system. The refurbished machine’s lower heat absorption yields a better energy balance. Cleaning media is also saved. Using the ECO chain, a weight-optimized bottle pocket chain, and plastic bushings lengthens the service life by up to 25% while reducing the rolling friction and current consumption.  

With a view to increased IT security requirements, KHS also provides customer-oriented HMI upgrades. Many older operator consoles (HMIs) have been discontinued by the manufacturers. As a result operators are anxious about the lack of available spare parts and the threat posed by security flaws in old systems. KHS solves this problem by offering HMI upgrades with increased customer benefits. The systems supplier thus enables a long-term supply of spare parts and meets increased IT security requirements. 
During an upgrade to the current 2.0 version of the KHS HMI, which includes a ReDiS1 remote maintenance option, the engineering company takes the customer’s individual initial situation into account so that he or she can also safely operate his or her plant machinery in the future. In order to block any potential malware attacks, KHS has introduced a special whitelisting system for old and new versions of the HMI. For machines with a version 1.0 HMI KHS provides whitelisting as a way of safeguarding systems against threats by installing a software upgrade, the company reported.