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Chinese consumers seeking better health


Chinese consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of gut health. In a recent consumer survey conducted by the market research company InSites on behalf of BENEO, 72% of Chinese consumers believe that diet plays a major role in building a healthy lifestyle. Close to half of the respondents also agreed that taking care of their digestive health is an important consideration in maintaining overall well-being.     

Chinese consumers are also showing a growing concern for their digestive issues. A quarter of the respondents cited that they are frequently affected by digestive issues, with 62% indicating that digestive problems are a concern.  A third of respondents also agreed that better digestive health has a positive impact on their emotional health and helps improve quality of life.

Chinese consumers believe a healthy gut ensures better absorption of essential nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and proteins. Dietary fibre is also seen as an important part of an everyday diet for Chinese consumers, and this is reflected in the survey with 3 in 4 consumers saying they look for food with fibre claims or high in fibre. They are also more likely to purchase food with natural and organic ingredients, signalling to the industry the growing importance of food labels to Chinese consumers.

Consumers awareness that the benefits of a healthy digestive system reach out beyond the gut and impact overall health is continuously growing. Food manufacturers can cater to this growing demand for high fibre and natural food. For example, by using BENEO’s all-natural functional ingredients such as the prebiotic fibres from chicory root, manufacturers can improve the nutritional profile of their products and in turn, promote better gut health among consumers.

China’s booming economy has brought many benefits such as improved standards of living for its population. However, with rising disposable income, a growing middle class and busier lifestyles, many Chinese consumers are also more susceptible to an unhealthy food culture. 

Food manufacturers can therefore play a key role in helping consumers build a healthy lifestyle, beginning with their gut health. Incorporating Orafti® Inulin and Oligofructose to the Chinese consumers’ diet will provide healthier options to them, improving their digestive health and in the long term, the overall health of the population, BENEO suggested.