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New Hug Phayao brand Hom Mali rice 


C.P. Intertrade Co., Ltd (brand: Royal Umbrella) held the 3rd World's Hom Mali Rice Harvesting Day in Phayao, one of the major agricultural provinces in Thailand. During the event, C.P. Intertrade introduced various Hom Mali rices and introduced a new local rice brand from Phayao, the Hug Phayao.

Thai Hom Mali rice, also known as jasmine rice, is a point of national pride for Thai people. Hom Mali rice is a long-grain variety of fragrant rice with a smooth and chewy texture. It's very popular among consumers all over the world.

C.P. Intertrade provides trade services for Thai rice and relevant products. It owns several Thai Hom Mali rice brands, including Royal Umbrella, Royal Buriram, and C.P. Rice. Due to the high quality and strict control, it is certified by multiple international standards, such as HACCP and ISO9001. Royal Umbrella is one of the greatest Thai rice brands and among them, it is the only one that's widely sold around the world.

For most Chinese rice is a staple food, so the Chinese market is very important for Hom Mali rice marketing. Chinese customers can order original Thai rice from C.P. Intertrade both online and from retailers, the company said.