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Boosting yield with JBT's cooking equipment


Oven cooking whole muscle poultry products always poses a challenge. Due to the nature of these products the muscle will contract during cooking and the amount of contraction is not equal or uniform cross the products that are cooked in one batch. Bart Kivits, JBT ́s Coating and Cooking Applications Manager explains; “The muscle contraction increases the thickness of the product and thicker products need a longer cooking time than thin products. The setup of the oven will be based on reaching the minimum cooking temperature of the thickest product in one batch. Consequentially, thinner products will get overcooked, loose more weight than necessary resulting in reduced cooking yield”. Armed with the broadest portfolio of industrial cooking equipment JBT offers the solution in the combination of the Formcook® Contact Cooker and Stein Twindrum™ Spiral Oven. JBT ́s Contact Cooker seals in the natural juiciness and natural fats inside products for the highest quality and minimum cooking losses.
While the Stein TwinDrumSpiral oven offers efficient two-zone spiral cooking for high capacity applications providing uniform temperature and excellent roasting capabilities. Achieving the best possible end product combined with enhanced throughput and product yield means applying the right heat transfer mechanism sequence at just the right time to deliver maximum potential.
The combination of contact cooking, the most effective searing method, and convection cooking is creating multiple independent cooking zones. This way the browning reaction process can be optimized. This combination is giving better process control resulting in an improved end-product appearance and higher sensory evaluation.
“Product batches that are contact cooked before entering the oven have a significantly decreased number of overcooked products and a substantial increase of product yield“, says Bart.
Additionally, the oven capacity is increased and deviation in product appearance is reduced considerably. After the oven cooking the end-product will have a natural shape appearance, juicy taste and home-made golden exterior. Precooking product prior to the Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven will also seal the bottom surface which is helpful for any transfer point. Bottomline, using the Formcook Contact Cooker prior to the Stein TwinDrum Spiral Oven will increase the product yield, boost the capacity and increase product uniformity. The effect of the combination of Formcook Contact Cooker and TwinDrum Spiral Oven can be demonstrated in one of JBT's Food Technology Centres in Helsingborg, Sweden or near Edinburgh in the UK, said the company.
JBT will be exhibiting at Gulfood Manufacturing, Dubai: Hall 4, D4-44.
Photo: JBT