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Bionetix® Biotechnology puts microbes to work 


It is easy to think of microbes as harmful organisms that spread disease. However, as in the case of penicillin, there are actually many non-pathogenic microorganisms that can be put to good use. Bionetix® International is an important player in this growing field of biotechnology, which uses microorganisms for everyday cleaning, waste maintenance, odor control, and a host of other applications that benefit users and the environment.

HYGIEA2400™ is an excellent example of Bionetix’s multiple spore blend concentrates for formulating products with exceptional cleaning power and odor control. HYGIEA2400™ contains “good” bacteria that biodegrade specific compounds such as grease, fats, oils, starches, proteins, and cellulose. Microorganisms in HYGIEA2400™ effectively use these substances for food, leaving behind simple carbon dioxide and water as non-hazardous byproducts, said the manufacturer.