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Barentz International acquires Serbian Soforebo


Soforebo was established in 1993 and soon became the market leader in the distribution of functional proteins in the Balkans. Barentz has fully acquired the company, and will also take over the operation of the business. “Soforebo’s market share and products, especially their role as distributors of Essentia’s animal protein product range, bring synergy effects for Barentz business in the Balkans”, said Geert Ingelbert, Vice President, Barentz Food & Nutrition. “We already have a long-lasting partnership with Essentia in other countries, and this merger strengthens our cooperation and makes Barentz very strong in the animal protein field.”


Tiedo de Boer, founder and former CEO of Soforebo said: “The merger with Barentz opens the opportunity to continue to expand the business that we have established over the past 24 years, and we are very pleased with this consolidation.