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BAADER - 100 years


This year, in 2019, BAADER is celebrating its centenary, proud of one hundred years of dynamic company history in the processing of fish and poultry. At various events throughout the year, the company has demonstrated its remarkable strength of being able to continually reinvent itself, all the while staying true to its traditional roots. The start of the year saw BAADER LINCO becoming BAADER, undergoing a complete rebranding process with a new name and marking the first step on its journey of modernisation. The new logo brings to life both the origins and the future of the brand with its slogan ‘We Innovate Food Value Chains’. The new market presence reflects the development of the company into a modern provider of complete digital solutions along the food value chain.
‘Our new brand promise stands for the past, present and future direction of the company. It represents the way we think and the way we act,’ says Petra Baader, executive chairwoman. ‘BAADER is and has always been a company with food, technology and people at its heart. We will draw on our successful past to build a strong future.’
With diverse initiatives celebrating its anniversary year, BAADER is thanking its customers and long-term business partners at all major international trade fairs for fish and poultry processing in the US, Thailand, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Russia.
High points of the festivities for the centenary included the BAADER Innovation Day ID#1 on 29 August 2019 at the BAADER technology centre in Lübeck and an invitation-only event that same evening at the historic venue of Kulturwerft Gollan. On Saturday, 31 August, more than 1,200 international BAADER employees came together for the global company party. Norway is the host country of the 61st Nordic Film Days Lübeck, taking place from 29 October to 3 November 2019. In collaboration with both the city of Lübeck and the country of Norway, BAADER will take on a supporting role at this cultural event and also provide some content, the company announced.