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LIF Kun markets dairy drinks in Ecolean® Air Aseptic


In 2017, LIF Kun introduced Ecolean® Air Aseptic 125ml with straw to Vietnamese consumers. The Ecolean packages offer an innovative way of standing out on the shelf, renewing the brands packaging portfolio.

The Ecolean packages, marketed as “Eco-Pack” offer kids a healthy and fun snack. The packages are promoted for their user-friendliness and microwaveability. The utilisation of Ecolean’s multi-design print possibilities enables LIF Kun to promote six different characters from the popular superpower family series on each of its three flavours.

The superpower farmer family

The conceptual farmer family, with the characters Mama, Papa, Tam Tuot and Chop Chop, are in a struggle to protect their farm from the villain Mr. Do and his assistant Mr. Dust. The villains want to destroy the family’s farm and stop kids from drinking milk to prevent them from growing taller and smarter. The family drinks LIF Kun to gain strength, fight off the villains and keep their family farm safe, Ecolean reported.