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Alufoil Trophy 2018


The Alufoil Trophy 2018 lived up to its reputation as one of the most highly valued awards competitions in the materials sector. This year’s winning entries display excellence in aluminium foil across a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical, food and snack packaging and one which literally does make it much easier to shine LED lighting.

A panel of leading industry experts from all areas of the aluminium foil industry announced ten winners across the five competition categories. “We were impressed by the great originality of many entries, which took existing products further or added a new dimension to the use of foil. There was a highly inventive theme which showed a strong grasp of the technical possibilities of aluminium foil, while, at the same time, giving consideration for convenience and environmental impact,” explained the judges.

Each year the competition is organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association, EAFA and entries come from all parts of the aluminium foil sector including aluminium foil rollers and converters. Guido Aufdemkamp, the association’s executive director praised the standard of entries again this year. “Many of the winners for 2018 are truly groundbreaking, such as helping to simplify a complex electrical process, improve access to a key medical product, or creating stunning closure designs using crossover technology. We are constantly impressed by the way the aluminium foil sector can innovate and the Trophy is an important and effective way to recognise these achievements.”

The competition is open to products which are either made from aluminium foil or contain aluminium foil as part of a laminate, structure or packaging system, as well as aluminium closures. Categories cover every aspect of aluminium foil usage across many diverse markets. The classifications are Consumer Convenience; Marketing + Design; Product Protection; Resource Efficiency; and Technical Innovation.



Consumer Convenience

  • Perlen Packaging: PERLAMED-BLISTair
  • Plus Pack: Ready2Cook® Skin Packaging Solution

Marketing + Design

  • closurelogic: Embossment on Talog®
  • Constantia Flexibles: Cat Milk in Aluminium Portion-Packs

Product Protection

  • Tetra Pak: Tetra Fino® Aseptic 100 Ultra MiM

Resource Efficiency

  • Amcor Flexibles: PolyInert laminates for stick packs
  • Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging: Lamineo

Technical Innovation

  • Amcor Flexibles: AluFix® Retort Xtra
  • Guala Closures: Imagic
  • Stogger and Novelis Deutschland: Stogger Wireless Lighting


The Alufoil Trophy is organised by the European Aluminium Foil Association. There are five categories – Consumer Convenience, Marketing + Design, Product Protection, Resource Efficiency and Technical Innovation. Judges also gave an award for Application Innovation. For 2018 there were 10 winners.