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Algaia, Herbstreith & Fox team up 


Algaia S.A. has announced its cooperation with Herbstreith & Fox KG Germany. The companies are joining forces to provide a sustainable combination of pectin and alginates for multiple baking applications, to be marketed as both single ingredients or as a blend.

Algaia is a privately owned, established global player in the field of specialty seaweed extracts. Algaia works with local fishermen to harvest brown algae just a few kilometres from its plant in Brittany, France, to ensure a constant fresh local and renewable supply of seaweed biomass. The company is committed to controlling its supply and ensuring its customers receive sustainable, high-quality plant-based products. Herbstreith & Fox, also privately owned, is one of the top four global players in the field of pectin both citrus and apple based. The company also pioneered multi-functional fibres extracted from traditionally edible apple and citrus raw material.

The combination of pectin and alginate works in synergy to provide better functionality and high stability, in specific bakery applications. It can be applied to bakery filling, bakery topping, pies, or cookies that use fruit preparations. For the last two years, Algaia and H&F have researched multiple pectin and alginates and determined the most effective solutions involving a specific combination of the raw materials (both seaweed and fruit), the extraction processes, and formulations, the company reported.

Photo: Algaia