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Agr International introduces Pilot Vision+


Agr International recently introduced its latest and most powerful in-the-blowmolder vision inspection system, Pilot Vision+™. This product is configured and uniquely positioned to meet the quality management requirements for high-speed PET bottle production, with a special focus on containers with high percentages of rPET. This Pilot Vision+ system is designed to work in conjunction with today’s high speed reheat stretch blowmolding equipment. As part of Agr’s Process Pilot family of products, it can be used along with the Process Pilot® automated blowmolder management system. The combination of Pilot Vision+ and Process Pilot provides bottle producers with the ability to not only detect random occurring defects, but also manage the process to maintain precise material distribution, even with the lightest and/or most difficult-to-process bottle design.
The Pilot Vision+ system is a modular vision-based inspection system that mounts inside today’s high-speed reheat stretch-blowmolding equipment. The compact design of cameras and lighting components and an operating speed of up to 100,000 bottles/hour make it compatible with most blowmolder models and brands. The open architecture of this system allows for simultaneous management of up to 6 cameras in multiple locations. These are typically configured in four separate inspection stations; preform inspection in the oven area, and bottle seal surface, base and sidewall inspection immediately after mold takeout.
The preform inspection module of the Pilot Vision+ system makes it possible to identify defects that are visible in the preform, before the bottle is blown. Multiple color cameras provide the imaging for 360º preform sidewall inspection as well as end cap and gate. Optics, LED illumination and image analysis routines are optimized to identify preform defects that impact bottle integrity, particularly the black specs and particle contamination sometimes associated with recycled PET (rPET), says Agr International.