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All-new measurement system for plastic containers


As a part of its offerings, Agr says it will display several new product developments as well as an array of quality management and process control equipment for plastic containers at K 2019. 

The focal point for Agr’s display will be an all-new laboratory measurement system for plastic containers. Designed to streamline laboratory measurement operations, this system provides operators with the ability to perform multiple measurements, on a wide range of plastic containers and preforms, with un-matched accuracy, repeatability and operational throughput. This all-in-one measurement system incorporates the latest optical gauging and thickness measurement technology, in combination with automation, to simplify container measurement operations while maximizing testing throughput. Additionally, this system includes a number of features including advanced job setup tools to minimize time required for job creation, large screen image display with ability to expand images for close analysis, comprehensive data capture/reporting and Industry 4.0 communications, said the company.
Photo: Agr