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Vandemoortele launches new corporate identity


At Internorga Vandemoortele will present several new products and – for the first time on a fair – its new corporate identity together with the new claim „Shaping a tasty future“.  The new Corporate Identity is created to convey that the company is a people’s business, customer centric and passionate about food and taste.

Vandermoortele has added a visual icon to the brand name. Nature is a wonderful source of goodness.  The visual icon symbolizes naturalness and growth - the promise of progress. The colours of the icon represent the diversity of taste, on a cultural as well as a personal level, says the company and means to celebrate cultural authenticity, cater to local taste and show openness to developing tailored recipes.

The new corporate identity is to pave the way for digital marketing. To step up the game, Vandermoortele is kicking off with a new website. The company says it is determined to create valuable content to inspire stakeholders. Whether video, audio, animatics, infographics or in writing, whatever best suits evolving needs, to help customers build their businesses.

Belgium-based Vandemoortele is a leading European food group that manufactures and sells high-quality food products for bakeries, foodservice, the food industry and the retail sector.