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SanLucar’s Tunisian farms, La Cinquième Saison and Flor’Alia, have obtained the assessment certificate GRASP, which recognizes good social practices in the agricultural sector. The multinational company producing and commercializing premium fruits and vegetables, has become the first company in Tunisia to pass this evaluation, receiving excellent grades. GRASP complements the international norm Global G.A.P. towards social aspects like workers’ health, safety and welfare. In accordance with national and international legal provisions, GRASP assesses questions like salary, overtime hours, holiday entitlement, protection of minors, the election of a workers’ representative, or the compliance with legal requirements in contracts. The majority of SanLucar’s producers in Spain have already passed the assessment and now the two Tunisian farms join in on this voluntary initiative. The wellbeing of people and the respect for nature are essential for SanLucar. We live the corporate responsibility naturally, it’s part of our DNA. We also understand that everyone should be involved. Therefore, we encourage all of our partners, no matter where they are, to prioritize the fulfillment of good social practices. Moreover, if this corporate philosophy is also shared and valued by external organizations though evaluations like GRASP, we are proud and satisfied”, emphasizes Michael Brinkmann, international CEO of SanLucar. SanLucar started its journey in Tunisia in 2008, when discovering one of the best places in the world for growing tomatoes: the region of Gabès located in the South of the country. This is where the farm La Cinquième Saison is located, whose farmlands benefit from a geothermal spring 1,200 meters deep underground. Thanks to a combination of natural mineral substances the tomatoes develop a unique flavor. The farm Flor’Alia, on the other hand, is situated in the North of the country, where SanLucar cultivates the best varieties of berries. This is the first large scale site for the production of raspberries in Tunisia, the company reported.