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OctoFrost Group has acquired 100% of Innotec Systems


OctoFrost Group has acquired 100% of Innotec Systems and together is becoming a new supplier of complete IQF processing lines.

OctoFrost Group and Innotec Systems have a long history together, jointly installing multiple processing lines around the globe. With the OctoFrost's vast experience in IQF freezing and the Innotec's strong expertise in thermal processes like blanching, cooking and chilling: the core focus is thermal treatment of food products, a process which requires sophisticated technology to achieve best results.

Both OctoFrost and Innotec Systems are frontline companies in food processing, designing innovative equipment which makes it possible to obtain a final product with an appetizing appearance, natural bite, and natural smell and taste.

As business goes on as usual, business friends are welcome to get in touch anytime with the usual contact person, says OctoFrost.