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Two renowned  business families have come together to develop  a strategy for the growth and internationalisation of their two historic corporations,  OCME and ROBOPAC. Following the announcement, Carlotta Gatteschi, Valentina Aureli,  and Enrico Aureli commented on the decision reached and the companies' shared goals: "We have decided together to build a partnership to create a system which combines the strengths of each company. The two businesses are linked by a vision and culture that  have grown  within a global context, where examples of companies achieving success through the construction of a joint system  are plentiful."
It is through the international markets that OCME and ROBOPAC have consolidated their growth,   first, through the creation of specific branches for sales and after-sales services, and  secondly through targeted investments in manufacturing units located the world over, from China to the Americas. This local for local approach, which is delivering exciting results, has always been a common denominator of the two companies. By joining forces, the two manufacturers have taken a further step forwards, combining experience and skills and reaching the critical mass needed to keep their dominant position within the global market, the companies said.