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The Australian Macadamias consumer campaign in China


The Australian Macadamias consumer campaign in China has continued to unfold at full pace over the past month, with the launch of a new video and a media campaign that have delivered outstanding results.

The video campaign was created to inspire interest and drive demand among the female target audience, while the media campaign ran in parallel, generating positive news coverage in leading business and food publications.

New ‘natural beauty’ video

The centrepiece of the latest activity burst was the launch of a new video featuring a prominent Chinese female key opinion leader (KOL) to communicate the core message of Australian Macadamias as a source of natural goodness for beauty on the inside that shows on the outside.

Following the success of the previous KOL video featuring beauty influencer Vivian Xu, the association now collaborated with popular Chinese parenting influencer Tang Ning, and her adorable five-year old daughter, Guoguo.

Tang Ning and Guoguo were invited to Australia as guests, to experience macadamias in their natural home. They spent five days in the Northern Rivers macadamia growing region, taking in the many layers of our brand story, and enjoying time on a macadamia farm. It was here they filmed the new video showcasing the natural beauty benefits of macadamias, overlaid with the growing and harvesting story.

Tang Ning learned about the growing cycle and beauty secrets of macadamias, and as a health-conscious mum who believes that “beauty is from the inside out”, was amazed and reassured by the pristine environment in which Australian macadamias grow, and the standards growers work to.

An ideal fit for the brand, Tang Ning brought credibility to the campaign, and helped to amplify core messaging to one of the association's most important target markets in China: health and beauty-conscious mothers, they said.