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New owners for manufacturer of stunning tools


Accles & Shelvoke has been manufacturing in Birmingham, UK, for over 100 years and has recently experienced increased demand from its global customer base for its high-quality cartridge powered tools. Frontmatec’s ownership of Accles & Shelvoke will support the business’ growth and development of new products and new markets which will help the company increase its penetration of the global marketplace. Joe Holland, who was appointed as the General Manager of Accles & Shelvoke just over a year ago, will take full control of the captive bolt equipment manufacturing company, reporting directly to the Frontmatec management board. Joe Holland said about the acquisition: “We sell our products all over the world, both direct to end users and through a network of over 40 distributors serving over 60 countries. In recent months, we have been focusing on expanding our presence globally by signing new distributors, in addition to building our product range of reliable and popular tools. Our new owners will help develop and build the company through continued investment, and I am excited to be leading the business in achieving that goal.” Speaking about the changes to the business set-up, Joe added: “I do not expect any immediate changes to our current distributor arrangements, so it will be business as usual for our thousands of customers around the world.” Accles & Shelvoke was formerly part of the Minworth-based Eley Group, which makes 22LR ammunition used in target shooting by competitors including Olympic standard athletes. The business supplies the cartridges to Accles & Shelvoke for their captive bolt equipment. New owner Frontmatec is a leading global supplier of advanced slaughter lines and other production equipment to major producers such as Toennies, Group Bigard, WH Foods, Tyson Foods, Miratorg and Danish Crown, and has operations in Denmark, the Netherlands, Canada, the US and China. With the purchase of Accles & Shelvoke, Frontmatec aims to expand on its offering of slaughterhouse equipment. Frontmatec CEO, Henrik Andersen said about the purchase: ““Frontmatec develops world-leading customized solutions for automation in the food industry, other hygiene sensitive industries and the utilities industry. Our ambition is to offer a full product and service offering to the industry, here Accles & Shelvoke is a fantastic addition to our business with an existing large share of the global captive bolt equipment market, which we aim to develop further.”