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Governing body of Italian Packaging Machinery Association elected


Ucima's annual general meeting, held on 26 June at Villa Marchetti, Modena, nominated the members of the Board; the governing body of the packaging machinery association who, together with President Enrico Aureli and Vice-Presidents Andrea Malagoli and Luciano Sottile will manage it for the next four years.

The Ucima general meeting nominated: Riccardo Cavanna (Cavanna Spa), Alberto Cirio (Arol Spa), Saverio Gamberini (MG2 Srl), Matteo Gentili (Tissue Machinery Company Spa), Maurizio Marchesini (Marchesini Group Spa), Giulio Mengoli (Tetra Pak Spa) and Valerio Soli (Acma Spa). The Board also includes Giuseppe Lesce (Sacmi Imola), as Past President, and Davide Brancaleoni (Rockwell Automation Srl), who represents the associated shareholders.

The Board may be supplemented, if so proposed by the President Enrico Aureli, by representatives of major businesses and of groups of manufacturers of the same type of machinery and technologies.

The Ucima Board will sit formally for the first time at the next meeting of the Association's governing body.