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DLG Medals for deOleo from Frankfurt


The Test Center Food of the DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft – German Agricultural Society) has now awarded three Gold Medals, three Silver Medals and two Bronze Medals to deOleo from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, for the outstanding quality of their edible oils. At the International Quality Test for Edible Oils, Margarine and Spreadable Fats the DLG experts examine the quality of numerous products every year. The Quality Test focuses on sensory analysis with regard to the test criteria appearance, odour, consistency and taste. The results of the sensory testing take the influences of the raw material selection as well as production faults into account. The test results are supplemented by an inspection of the packaging and labelling as well as laboratory analyses in which specific quality parameters of the individual food products are examined.
“With the award the company documents that it belongs to the quality leaders in its industry. DLG award-winning products demonstrably stand for high quality and convincing enjoyment value. All the foods were subjected to neutral testing on the basis of scientifically validated test methods by experts who have been specially trained in quality assessment of edible oil, margarine and spreadable fats”, stresses Petra Krause, Project Manager at the DLG Test Center Food.
Tested products that satisfy all the DLG quality criteria receive the “DLG award winner” medal in Gold, Silver or Bronze. All the award-winning products are published on the internet at: said the DLG.