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Caliente launches in India


The journey of Caliente continues, with the first shipment soon to reach Indian soil. The Malmö based start-up has teamed up with Uma Ekologisk, run by Annupam Agarwal as distributing partner. This will be the third export market with official distributors; Caliente is already present in Denmark and Norway.

Annupam saw the gap in the Indian market for premium non-alcoholic drinks targeting urban young adults. And when looking for truly new ideas in global drinks innovation, he stumbled upon the great review of Caliente by Drinkpreneur – a leading community for beverage entrepnenurs in Europe.

"Everything with Caliente was uber cool and non-heard of in this part of the world. The functionality and taste of chilies in combination with the Swedish exoticness … I instantly felt it would become a great success over here!" Anupam explains.

He’s optimistic because of the Indian preference for spicy foods, but also since Indians consume very little alcohol on a global comparison. Most states have 'dry days' and seven Indian states has gone as far as prohibiting sales of alcohol, including Gujarat where a Caliente launch is planned for summer 2017.

A growing interest in international foods and drinks shows that timing is just right. Meanwhile, Caliente is one of few organic non-alcoholic beverages sold at a premium price and to be consumed at adult drinking occasions. Most Indians relate 'premium' to alcoholic drinks, meaning that Caliente’s exclusivity and price need to be explained and exploited.

"Selling chili to Indians may seem like selling ice to eskimoes," says Caliente’s founder Thomas Adner. "Our vision is to make it a little easier to choose non-alcoholic, without compromising. We aim to continue to shake things up, and India is definitely a step in the right direction, this can be huge."

The first bottles will be found in premium retailers and high-end restaurants in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore early March 2017. After another 2-3 months, a second phase includes Chennai, Huderabad, Chandigarh, Goa and Ahmedabad.

Caliente is a new kind of drink, in which alcohol has been replaced with chili heat. The ingredient which makes chilies hot - capsaicin - also triggers the release of endorphins, creating a natural high. Crafted in Sweden from organic ingredients, it’s the ultimate choice for people who are after a complex non-alcoholic drink that’s low on sugar, the company reported.