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Berentz International opens office in Vietnam


After several years of successful operation on the Vietnamese market Barentz International has announced the establishment of an office in Ho Chi Minh City. The activities of Barentz Vietnam will focus on nutrition and quality enhancement within the Vietnamese food industry, where the nutritional premixes and functional blends from the company’s production facility Vitablend in Singapore will have a prominent role.

Barentz, an ingredients distributor, headquartered in The Netherlands, has established itself world-wide as a solutions provider, a role that is especially beneficial in a country like Vietnam, that still could gain from progressed quality within food manufacturing.

“The Vietnamese consumers are getting increasingly concerned with quality”, said Mrs Hang Nguyen, director of Barentz Vietnam. “Through Barentz’ excellent ingredients portfolio and production facilities in the region, we can offer our clients within the Vietnamese food industry products of the highest quality, while also providing them with knowledge and support in choosing the optimal ingredients combinations in all stages of the food manufacturing process. Our total offer, from source to solution, will clearly improve the quality level on the Vietnamese food market.”

Vietnam’s has seen an amazing economic growth and the population is much healthier now than 20 years ago. But there is still much to do in the years to come to reduce poverty and increase the health level of the Vietnamese people. Barentz state-of-the-art production facilities Vitablend in Singapore, will deliver nutritional premixes and functional blends that will enhance the nutritional values of Vietnamese food products and meet the demands of the producers and the consumers.

Already a market leader in nutritional ingredients
“Through our experienced team in Vietnam we have direct access to the Vietnamese market, which quickly will accelerate our growth,” said Mr Hidde van der Wal, CEO of Barentz International. “We can offer the Vietnamese food industry a wide product portfolio of high quality ingredients. In fact, through our activities in Vietnam over the past years, Barentz has already become the market leader for nutritional ingredients for dairy and infant products in Vietnam. Having established a new legal entity, we are now also planning to expand our offer to other industry segments such as Pharmaceuticals, Personal Care and Animal Nutrition over the next two years.”

Representing world class suppliers of ingredients, Barentz is active in 60 countries around the world with 900 employees. The legal entity Barentz Vietnam, operating from Ho Chi Minh City, consists of four dedicated team members, led by Director Mrs Hang Nguyen. Mrs Nguyen has a long and prosperous history within ingredients distribution in Vietnam and her extensive network of local food & nutrition manufacturers will benefit the business expansion for Barentz, the company reported.